How does Krisp referral program work?

The Krisp Referral program is designed to give you tools to share Krisp with more of your friends so more people will know and use Krisp for free.

You can extend your trial period of Krisp Pro by inviting your friends to Krisp. You can invite unlimited number of friends and each time your friend accepts your invite and signs in with their installation of Krisp, you and your friend get trial extension.

You can invite unlimited number of friends

For each new invited friend, you get additional 2 months of trial extension and your friend gets additional 1 month of trial extension.

The promotion activates automatically after your friend:

Accepts the invite
Downloads and installs Krisp on a new computer, where Krisp was not installed before
Creates a new account for Krisp and signs in with that account from the Krisp app

It is important that your friends follow all of the steps mentioned above otherwise neither they nor you will get the credits. Additionally, it is important that they install Krisp on their own computer and sign in with a new account, because otherwise our security systems may mark the transaction as potentially fraudulent and not grant the credits.

You can track your referrals from your web dashboard by clicking on your email from within the Krisp app or by going to and signing in to your "Personal" account.

You and your friend will get a confirmation email when the credits are successfully added to your accounts
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