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How much am I charged when I add or remove seats?

Adding seats
If you add an additional seat to your team, you will be charged on the day you add the seat to your team at a prorated amount for the new seat till the end of your billing cycle.

Example: Let’s say you are on a monthly plan with 5 seats in your team with $20 price per seat. You add one new seat on the 10th day into your billing cycle with 20 days remaining. The prorated cost will be calculated by dividing the cost per seat ($20) by the number of days in a month (30) and multiplying by the number of days remaining in the billing cycle (20) which gives us the prorated amount for the remainder of the billing cycle: $13.3

You will be charged the prorated amount on the day of adding the new seats.

On your next billing date you will be charged for the updated number of seats in your team.

Removing seats
If you remove a seat from your team, the change will apply starting from your next billing date.
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