How to bulk invite users to teams from CSV

In order to invite a large number of users to a team, you can import them from a CSV file. Presumably, you would export the CSV of users from another program and want to import that to Krisp team. Here are the requirements for the CSV file for successful import of users.

Requirements for CSV
the first row of the file is the header row, which contains the names of the columns
there should be a required header named "Email" where there are valid emails of the users
file should contain no more than 2000 email entries
emails should be appropriately formatted
emails cannot be from a temporary email provisioning service
encoding should be UTF-8
file should not contain binary data

File should not contain more than 2000 emails. If there are more than 2000 emails, please import them part by part

While importing the emails, the system will check if you have enough unassigned seats in your team. If there are not enough seats, you will see a prompt to add more seats. After adding enough seats to the team, you can try to import users again.

In the case, that among the emails that are being imported there are emails that are already members of the team, you will see it in the appropriate prompt. Those users will not be added again and will not consume any more seats.

Email invites will only be sent to the valid emails found in the list.

After you click on the Invite button, email invites will be sent to them emails specified in the invite. You can see the status of their acceptance in the Teams Dashboard.

Sending and delivering bulk email invites may take some time, so expect some delay in receiving the emails.
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