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How to set up Krisp with any app

Krisp is designed to work with most apps on Windows and Mac devices. Krisp app essentially creates a virtual microphone in the system which can be used by any app.

Set Krisp mic and speaker in sound settings

So if you want to make Krisp work with your particular app, find the sound settings of the app and if the app allows to select microphone and speaker, select Krisp Microphone and Krisp Speaker respectively.

Some examples with the most widely used apps like Zoom, Skype and dozens of others are shown in Setup and Use section of our helpguide.

This works with web apps as well. For instance Google Meet allows to select the audio devices.

What if the app does not have sound settings?

On Windows platform, starting from Krisp version 1.5 you can go to Windows Settings -> System -> Sounds and set the system default microphone to Krisp Microphone. This will make Krisp microphone to work with all the apps on your device.

Setting Krisp Speaker as system default is not supported yet. You will not able to do that just yet.

On Mac, there is no feature to set krisp as system default yet, but it is on the roadmap and will be implemented soon. You can set Krisp as default microphone for web apps on Google Chrome browser, however. To do this, go to Chrome Settings -> Advanced -> Site Settings -> Microphone and set the microphone to "Krisp Microphone". This will make Krisp microphone to work with all your web apps (like Zendesk and Salesforce).

Here's a quick video tutorial to help you along the way

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