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What is Krisp?

Krisp is your new friendly noise cancelling app, which removes background noise during calls.

It works bi-directionally, which means that you won't hear the noise coming from other call participants, and they won't hear the noise coming from you. It works smoothly in real time without lags, so your calls will be uninterrupted and completely noiseless.

Krisp Microphone sits between your physical microphone and your preferred conferencing and recording apps. It processes real-time audio using its innovative AI-powered noise cancellation technology and separates background noise from your voice. This gives you the freedom to not worry about where you are making your calls from since your call participants won't hear the noise surrounding you.

Krisp Speaker seats between you physical speaker and your preferred conferencing and recording apps. It performs the same action but this time it removed the background noise coming from call participants to you. Imagine someone calls you from a car. By just clicking on Mute Noise for Speaker their car noise will be gone.

Krisp never sends audio from your machine to its servers. All the processing happens on the local device. Your audio is not saved on the disc as well.
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