Set up Avaya with Krisp

This article explains how you can make noiseless calls using Krisp with Avaya on Mac/Windows device. After you download and install Krisp, configuring Avaya is super simple.

Select Krisp Microphone and/or Speaker to work in Avaya.

  1. For that, go to your your Avaya app Menu >>> Settings >>> General Settings.
  2. From the Devices and Services section go to Audio >>> Basic.
  3. Change the Microphone/Speaker source to Krisp and Save.

  4. Open Krisp and pick the physical microphone and speaker you wish to use and turn on Noise Cancellation toggles.


  5. Start your noiseless call.


    The "Not used" indicator will be switched to "Used by Avaya" when there is an ongoing call.

Avaya advanced audio settings and Krisp

Besides the basic settings of configuring Krisp with Avaya, you can also check out the Advanced audio settings from Settings >>> General Settings >>> Audio >>> Advanced.
Advanced settings allow you to list your audio devices in order of preference. The first available device in the list will be used.


Whenever you order the Microphone and Speaker list with Krisp on top, as soon as Krisp devices become available, they will be automatically selected and used in your Avaya app.


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