FAQ about Noise Cancellation feature

There is new noise in my environment. Will Krisp cancel it?

Krisp Noise Cancellation works by distinguishing human voice from all other sounds. So, with the introduction of the new noise, it will take Krisp at most a few seconds to start cleaning out. You can test how the noise is cleared from your environment with the Test Noise Cancellation feature.


I have Background Voice Cancellation feature active, will it work with Noise Cancellation?

Krisp Background Voice Cancellation feature does not interfere with Noise Cancellation(NC) feature and regardless of having it ON/OFF, you will have the NC feature active.


Can I use only microphone/speaker Noise Cancellation? 

You can use microphone and speaker Noise Cancellation separately or simultaneously. You can enable/disable the NC toggles from the app UI. 


I am standing far from my microphone. Will Krisp capture my voice and cancel the noise?

Krisp works best within a distance of 50 cm. If you are standing farther than that, expect that your voice might be distorted.


Can I use only Noise Cancellation feature?

You can choose to use only Noise Cancellation feature, by disabling Transcription/Recording features from the Krisp app interface.



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