Why I can't use Virtual Devices with Krisp?


Krisp Microphone and Speaker are virtual devices. To understand how they technically work, check out this article.


How do Virtual Devices work in general?

Virtual devices are software emulations of hardware. They "pretend" to be hardware to the system and other software. When you try to use two virtual devices together, it can cause conflicts because neither has the underlying physical infrastructure to manage and process the data in the same way actual hardware does.

Moreover, virtual devices often intercept and modify data in some way. If two virtual devices try to modify the same data stream simultaneously, this can cause unexpected behavior or errors as the data might get processed twice or in unpredictable ways.


Virtual Devices and Krisp

In the context of audio, virtual devices like Krisp, when you use a virtual microphone with another virtual device, the audio data can be modified by both, leading to potential feedback, echoing, or other audio artifacts. 

When setting up Krisp, ensure that you select a genuine, physical device within the Krisp app for optimal performance.

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