Set and control Krisp version updates for your team

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Platform: Mac, Windows
Admin control for the feature: Enterprise plan

Control the download version for team users


This feature is not available starting from Krisp 2.0.0 version. 

As a team admin, you can choose whether your team members should download the Standard or Enterprise versions and get the corresponding updates whenever available. The Standard version is selected by default.


If you plan to switch to the Enterprise version for your team, and mass deploy it, make sure to first uninstall the Standard version from the team members’ devices.

To control the option:

  1. Go to your Admin Dashboard on
  2. Go to Settings >>> Setup >>> Version Updates.
  3. Select Fast/Slow version.


Do not allow login from Fast track versions

If you would like to stay on the Slow track for your team for higher app stability and also restrict login from Fast track versions of Krisp, make sure to enable the following feature:


Enforce Krisp maximum version for team users

As a team admin, you can also decide on the maximum Krisp version your team users can have. To have the more stable versions of Krisp, you can restrict allowed versions of Krisp to be 1 or 2 versions behind the latest released Krisp version.


The default state of the feature is set to No restriction.

To control the option:

  1. Go to your Admin Dashboard on
  2. Go to the Settings page >>> Version Updates >>>

    Enforce Krisp maximum version.

  3. Select the maximum Krisp version for team users.


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