Noise Reduction mode for speaker

Who can use this feature?

Plan: Enterprise (only admins)
Platform: Web
Managed from: Admin Dashboard

While noise coming from the customer’s side can be a major distraction for having an efficient conversation, some call centers may find a small amount of noise passthrough helpful for the agents in better adapting the conversation to the customer’s environment.


What difference does the Noise Reduction mode make?

When Noise Reduction (NR) mode is disabled, Noise Cancellation completely eliminates incoming background noise for improved call clarity.

While when enabled, Noise Reduction reduces incoming background noise volume while ensuring ambient sounds and hold music remain perceptible.

Here's a comparison of audio samples. Listen to the samples below to experience the difference between the two states.

Street noise

Without Krisp

With NR disabled

With NR enabled

Hold music

Without Krisp

With NR disabled

With NR enabled

How to enable enable Noise Reduction mode?

To enable the Speaker Noise Reduction mode, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings page >>> Preferences >>> Noise Cancellation.
  2. Check the box next to the setting. 

The setting will be applied to all the team members.


Benefits and use cases for Noise Reduction mode

While disabling Noise Reduction mode activates Noise Cancellation, providing crystal-clear audio free from background noise, enabling Noise Reduction mode offers unique advantages for call center agents, significantly enhancing their call experience.

  • Compliance: Retaining essential background noise ensures regulatory requirements are met without compromising call quality, enhancing compliance standards.
  • Reduced untentional call terminations: With hold music and dial tones remaining audible, agents can distinguish between customer silence and hold time, minimizing confusion and unintended call terminations.
  • Enhanced empathy: Preserving background noise to a certain degree enables agents to better empathize with customers, leading to improved rapport and customer satisfaction.

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