Krisp app settings

Krisp app provides a range of settings that allow users to optimize their experience during calls by managing audio quality, notifications, and other system behaviors.

Here’s a breakdown of the various settings available within the Krisp app, as displayed in the provided screenshots:

General Audio Notifications


  • Show widget: Enables a Krisp widget to appear at the start of each meeting, likely providing quick access to Krisp's features:



  • Show calendar events: Allows the app to display calendar events, facilitating direct joining of meetings from Krisp.
  • Choose which events are visible: Users can filter which calendar events to display based on whether they include conferencing details or participants.
  • Preview upcoming events in the menu bar: This can be set to various intervals (e.g., 1 hour before the meeting) and includes options to show the time and meeting title.



  • Launch at startup: This option allows Krisp to start automatically when you turn on your computer, ensuring that it's ready to use right away without needing to manually open the app each time.
  • Automatically install updates: When enabled, this feature ensures that Krisp is always up to date with the latest version. It automatically downloads and installs updates as they become available, providing the newest features and security enhancements without requiring user intervention.



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