Bulk inviting users to the team account (for admins)

This article will explain how you can bulk invite users to your team with a CSV file. This makes the process faster and reduces the manual work done by the admin.

Importing a CSV file

You can invite multiple users to your team at once by importing a CSV file with the email addresses. That can be done from two places:

  1. In the team creation process
  2. From the Users section of Admin Dashboard

For both cases, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Click on the Add emails from CSV link.

  2. Upload the CSV file


The invitations will be sent out to valid email addresses. You can go to the Users section of the Admin Dashboard and check which state of joining process the users are in.


If an email address included in the file is already added to your team, the system will skip it. The same email address won't take up a second seat.

If you have fewer unassigned seats than the email addresses included in the file, the system will give you a warning and suggest adding seats to the team. After adding more seats you should upload the file once again.



Sending and delivering bulk email invites may take some time, so expect some delay in receiving the emails.


The requirements of the CSV file

  • The first row should contain a header named Email
  • The first column should contain the emails of the users who you invite to the team
  • The file shouldn't contain more than 2000 email addresses. If you need to invite more than 2000 users, please split them into several CSV files
  • The encoding should be UTF-8
  • The file should not contain binary data

The requirements of the email addresses

The email addresses:

  • should have the correct syntax
  • should not be created through temporary email provisioning services


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