What is a Krisp team account?

Whats is a Krisp team account?

Whenever you create a new account at Krisp, it's called a team account. A Krisp team account is designed to centralize billing and streamline user management.

Within a team account, there are two roles: admins and users. The individual who sets up the team account automatically becomes the first admin. This person can then invite others to the team, designating them as admins or users according to the needs of the group.

Admins have the authority to manage team seats, which involves adding or removing seats, assigning or reassigning them to team members, and elevating other members to admin status—or revoking such privileges.

The admins are also responsible for the central billing: one payment method is being charged for all the seats of the team account.


You can create a Krisp team account for personal use only. This means that you will be the sole admin and user of the team, and you can add new users whenever you want.


How you can use your Krisp team account?

If you'd like a group of people (company team, family, friends, etc.) to use Krisp with a specific person being responsible for the user management and the billing processes, the Krisp team account will be a good option for you. 

With a team account, you're purchasing seats, which can be allocated to individuals as needed. This setup offers the flexibility to reassign seats to different members, ensuring that you have full control over who uses the service and when.

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