What is a Krisp team account

This article will explain what a Krisp team account is and which cases you should consider creating one.


What is a Krisp team account

The Krisp team is a type of account that allows having central billing and user management options.

There are two types of members in the team: admins and users. The creator of the team is the first admin of the team by default. They can then add other members and promote them to admins or leave them with the user role.

The admins can add or remove seats to the team, assign others to those seats, or remove them. They can also promote other users to the admin role, or remove the admin privileges from the existing admins.

The admins are also responsible for the central billing: one payment method is being charged for all the seats of the team account.


Why you should have a team account

If you'd like a group of people (company team, family, friends, etc.) to use Krisp with a specific person being responsible for the user management and the billing processes, the Krisp team account will be a good option for you. 

You pay for the number of seats you have in the team. At any moment, you have the flexibility to assign a colleague/friend/family member to a seat, or unassign them and assign someone else to it.

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