Krisp Setup Wizard ended prematurely error on Windows

Who can face this issue?

Users: users on all plans
Platform: Windows



When installing Krisp on Windows for the first time or updating it from inside the app, you might face the "Krisp Setup Wizard ended prematurely" error message.




This might happen for a number of reasons. For example, the updating process includes the uninstallation of the previous version and the installation of the new one. Some system processes need to be closed in the course. If any of those are failed to be terminated, the mentioned error might be received.



Here are the main options that may help to solve this issue:

  • Start/restart the windows installer service
  • Silent install the Krisp app

Start/restart the windows installer service

  1. Search for Services in the Windows search and open it.


  2. Scroll down to find Windows Installer and right-click on it.
  • If the Start button is active, it means that the service is stopped. In that case, click Start
  • If the Restart button is active, it means that the service is running. In that case, click Restart.



Silent install the Krisp app

Silent installation is an automatic process that installs the software application from start to finish without any user interaction.

Follow these steps to silent install Krisp:

  1. Download the latest version of the Krisp app from the Download page of your account dashboard. 
  2. Run Command Prompt as administrator.


  3. Type the following command and click enter: msiexec /i c:\Users\This PC\Downloads\PKGNAME /qn

    Make sure to replace PKGNAME with the name of the installer package. For example: krisp-v1.29.3-x64.msi

    In this case, here is what the command would look like: msiexec /i c:\Users\This PC\Downloads\krisp-v1.29.3-x64.msi / qn


    The package name corresponds to the name of the installer file you download.


After completing the mentioned steps Krisp will be installed on your device.


If the problem persists

If restarting the computer doesn't help, we will need the installation logs to investigate the problem.

  • If it's the updating process that causes issues, please report a problem from the app as shown here.
  • If the issue happens during the first-time installation, go to the %localappdata%/krisp folder on your computer, zip the folder, and send to describing the problem you experience.
  • Sometimes the system might not manage to create the Krisp folder with the logs in it so you will need to use an indirect way for getting the .msi logs of the failed installation. Follow these steps:
      • Check which folder the Krisp installer is in (it will most probably be in the Downloads folder. If it is not, you can move it there for an easier accomplishment of the steps).
      • Open the Command Prompt as an admin (Right-click >>> run as admin).
      • Navigate there to the folder where Krisp installation package is stored. If it's the Downloads folder, type cd downloads (cd space downloads) and press Enter. You will be led to the Downloads folder.
      • Type the following commands in that folder: msiexec /i "krisp-v1.18.8-x64.msi" /L*v "KrispInstallationlog.log"krisp-v1.18.8-x64.msi (please make sure to change the bold part of the command to the name of the latest installer package file you have in your computer).
      • After this, a file named KrispInstallationlog will be created in that same folder as the installer. Please send that file to describing the problem you face.
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