Discontinuing the Krisp Chrome extension

The Krisp Chrome extension was discontinued back in November 2020. The decision to stop its support and development was a tough one. This article explains the reasons behind that decision.


Why the Chrome extension has been discontinued

The appeal of the Chrome extension was in its extreme ease of installation, setup, and use. We had to solve challenging technical problems to be able to squeeze our noise cancellation model into the Chrome environment.

However, as we think about the future, it becomes obvious that Chrome wouldn’t be an optimal platform for us to provide the features that match our high bar for quality and performance. Chrome’s environment was limiting us in terms of performance and compatibility with other apps since it can be used with web-apps only. Some users were getting confused about where the Krisp extension and the Krisp desktop app should be used. As a result, the growth and adoption of the Chrome extension did not match the growth, versatility, and performance of the desktop apps.

So, to focus our energy on where it would have the most impact, we made the difficult decision to discontinue the development and support of the Krisp Chrome extension.


Continue using Krisp

If you still have the Krisp Chrome extension installed, you can continue using it. However, note that there will be no improvements or bug fixes for it. Krisp Chrome extension has been unpublished from the Chrome Web Store, so you will not be able to install it on any new browser. Additionally, you will not get support from Krisp if any problems arise during the extension usage.

To get the latest and greatest Krisp features, we kindly ask you to switch to using our desktop apps for Mac and Windows. You can also set up your browsers to work with Krisp desktop apps. Check your device specifications against the minimum system requirements for having the Krisp app.


The difference between the Krisp desktop apps and Krisp Chrome Extension

Krisp desktop apps for Mac and Windows are installed on the system and allow you to use Krisp with an extremely wide array of web and desktop apps. Krisp Chrome extension is installed in the Chrome browser and only allows you to use Krisp with web apps. So if something worked with the Chrome extension it will very likely be compatible with the desktop apps as well. In addition to wider compatibility, desktop apps provide a better performance, more features, and more solid voice quality than the Chrome extension.


My device doesn't meet the system requirements for Krisp desktop apps. How can I continue using Krisp?

You can continue using the Krisp Chrome extension if you still have it installed in your browser. You will not be able to install it on any more browsers, and you will not get any further updates, bug fixes, and support for it.

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