Discontinuing Krisp Phone

After active development for over a year, we have made a decision to discontinue Krisp Phone mobile app. This has been a tough decision for us since we loved the app and saw a great future for it.

The reason behind this decision is the focus. Our company’s main product, krisp.ai, is a noise-canceling app for desktop. We have decided to put all our efforts into making Krisp desktop app the most useful, impactful, and innovative productivity application for years to come. No doubt, such an ambitious undertaking requires full focus from the team and hence, might lead to hard decisions. One of these hard decisions has been discounting the Krisp Phone iOS app, which by design serves a different purpose than the desktop app and was distracting our team from the main goal - Krisp desktop app.


Discontinuing schedule

The Krisp Phone app is now removed from the app store and is no longer available for download. 

On December 26, 2020, all existing users were signed off from the app, and its functionality was shut down.


What has happened with my account? 

You can use your Krisp Phone email to log in to Krisp desktop app (krisp.ai) and continue using our noise-canceling application on the desktop (Mac or Windows). 

If you have signed up for your Krisp Phone account through Apple Private sign in, you can still sign into the desktop app through the private email address or create a new account with your original email.


What happened to my data?

All your Krisp Phone data, including SMS, call logs, voicemail, were deleted on December 26, 2020.

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