Set up any app with Krisp

This article will explain how to configure Krisp with any other application on your Mac and Windows devices.


Prerequisites for your app/web-based app to work with Krisp 

For an app/web-based app to work with Krisp, the app should:

  • Be able to work with virtual devices in general.
  • Have dedicated audio/video settings where Krisp Microphone, Speaker, and Camera would be selected.

If these two conditions are met, you will need a simple two-sided configuration to start using Krisp Microphone/Speaker and Krisp Camera in your communication apps.


Set up Krisp Microphone/Speaker with your app/web-based app

  1. Open Krisp and pick the physical microphone and speaker you wish to use and turn on Noise Cacnellation toggles.

  2. Select the Krisp microphone and speaker in the audio settings of the app/web-based app you intend to have noise cancellation in. The below example is from Zoom:



What if the app/web-based app doesn't have audio settings

Desktop applications

Check this article to see how you can set up apps with no audio settings with Krisp.


Web applications

If the web-based app you use doesn't let you choose a mic/speaker to work in it, you can set Krisp to work with your browser in general. This article will tell you how to set up Krisp with browsers.

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