Sign in to Krisp account dashboard

This article explains the Krisp account sign-in process.

To avoid the hassle with passwords and have a more secure sign-in process, we don’t use passwords. The authentication is being completed by getting a verification code in your email or signing in with your Google email.


Sign in to your account linked to an email address

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address and click Sign in.

  3. You will see this screen.



    If you resend the verification code, only the latest one will be valid.
  4. Check your inbox for the one-time verification code. Copy it. The subject of the received email will be "Krisp verification code" followed by the code itself. It can take a couple of minutes for the email to arrive. If you don’t see it in the main inbox, check the Junk/Spam folder.


  5. Paste the code into the field from Step 3.
  6. You will be inside your Krisp account dashboard.


Sign in to your account linked to a Gmail

  1. Go to 
  2. Click on Sign in with Google and log in to the Google email linked to your Krisp account.

  3. You will be inside your Krisp account dashboard.


If you have a Gmail address as your account email, you can use both sign-in options interchangeably no matter how you initially signed up.
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