Noise Cancellation modes with Krisp

Who can use this feature?

Users: users on all plans
From version: Mac 1.17.3, Windows 1.22.12

The Noise Cancellation, with its "Auto", "Low power mode" and "Best voice quality (HD)" modes, allows you to adjust the usage of the app based on your needs. That is, whether you give more importance to having the best noise cancellation experience, highest possible voice quality, or keeping the CPU usage on a balanced level.

Selecting the Noise Cancellation mode

Mac Windows

To select the desired mode for the upcoming calls:

  1. Go to Krisp Preferences >>> Voice.
  2. Click on the Noise Cancellation mode dropdown list.
  3. Select the mode. 


The modes can also be changed directly during the call. 

  1. Click on the HD or Low-power mode icon during the call.
  2. See the Voice Preferences automatically open up.
  3. Select the mode.

Details about the 3 modes 

Auto Best voice quality (HD) Low power mode

What is this?
This mode automatically gives you the best noise cancellation, voice quality, and balanced CPU/RAM usage whenever possible. The settings are adjusted accordingly based on the quality of your microphone and the current computer load. The accent here is on the noise cancellation though. In case there is a high usage of your CPU/RAM at some point, you might have a small decrease in the voice quality, but the app will always try to keep the noise cancellation on the top. 

When to use?
Select this mode if you use Krisp for communication purposes.


CPU overload warning

Mac Windows

No matter the selected option, if at some point your system performance is not enough to process audio well, Krisp informs you about that through warnings from the Krisp app icon and in the app itself: “Krisp detected a high system load that may impact your voice quality”.
The noise cancellation does not stop from being applied to your audio, but the voice might become robotic or get clipped.

Once your computer performance stabilizes the warnings will be gone.

Warning from the Krisp app icon:


Warning inside the Krisp app:


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