Using SCIM for automated user management

Who can use this feature?

Plan: Enterprise (only admins)
Platform: Web
Managed from: Admin Dashboard
Other: IdP account admin privileges

You can set up System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) with your Identity Provider (IdP) for automated user provisioning and management in Krisp Enterprise accounts.


Contact your Account Executive to have SCIM option enabled for your team account. To set up SCIM with your team account, you need to first have Krisp SSO configured with your IdP.


Setting up SCIM with your Krisp team

Along with the Krisp SSO set up on your team, SCIM will let you:

  • Automatically assign users to unassigned seats in your Krisp team.
  • Automatically unassign the users from the seats in your Krisp team.


SCIM is a standard protocol, so you can configure it with any IdP whenever the option is available.


You cannot assign more users through SCIM than the number of unassigned seats in your Krisp team. You cannot assign or unassign users to your team from the Krisp team account dashboard whenever SCIM is enabled.

Check this article to know how you can configure your Krisp team with Okta SCIM and Azure SCIM.

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