Billing logic for the team account

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Plan: Teams/Enterprise (only admins)

This article will explain the billing logic for the Teams and Enterprise accounts.


The trial period of the team account

When you create a team account, you get a 30-day trial for up to 50 seats. You won't need to pay anything during that period. The subscription cycle for the team is set to yearly by default. You can change it to monthly while adding your payment method.

While being in the trial period, feel free to add more seats to your team. You can do that from the Users page or from the Billing page. The due payment will be recalculated.


The overall number of seats in your team account can not be more than 50 during the trial period.

An admin needs to attach a payment method to the team at any time during the trial for uninterrupted usage of the service. You will be charged automatically at the moment when the trial ends. You will pay for the number of seats present in the team at that moment.


You pay for the number of seats present in the team no matter if a user is assigned to it or not.

If no payment method is attached to your team account and the trial is over you won't be able to add more seats to your team. You won't be able to add more seats and the existing active team members will have only 240 min/week until the payment for the subscription is completed.


Upgrading to the yearly cycle

If you have selected the monthly cycle while attaching the payment method, you can always upgrade to the annual cycle from the team dashboard.

  • If you are still in the trial period, you won't be charged at the moment of upgrading to the annual cycle.
  • If you are on the paid period, you will be charged and your annual cycle will start at that moment. The unused amount you already paid for the monthly period will be subtracted from the due payment.


Payment re-calculation for adding and removing seats

You can change the number of seats in your team at any time during the trial or the paid subscription.

Adding seats

The Krisp subscriptions are prepaid and have specific next billing dates. Whenever you add a new seat to your team, the amount you pay for it is calculated based on the period left till the next billing date.

Let's look at an example with mock prices to make this clearer.

You have a monthly team subscription with 2 seats. Each seat costs $12 USD/month. You pay $24 USD at the beginning of the billing cycle. On the 10th day of the cycle, you decide to add 1 more seat. The full amount for it would have been $12 USD. However, you won't use that one seat for a whole month but for 20 days. So you will pay $12 USD/30 days * 20 days. That would make $8 USD.

When the next billing cycle starts, you will pay the full amount for that seat along with your other seats. The payment will be done with a single invoice.

Removing seats

If you remove a seat at any time during the billing cycle, the seat count will be changed at that moment. However, the price re-calculation will be done for the next billing cycle.

This means that the removed seats are non-refundable. If you remove the seat by mistake and decide to add it back, you will be charged for it at that moment.


Billing specifics of device-login teams

  1. You are being charged for the number of assigned and unassigned seats.
  2. You are not being charged for the blocked devices.


    When you block a device, the seat it was assigned to is being freed up. The number of assigned devices decreases by one, while the number of unassigned devices increases by one.
  3. You get admin access to the device-login team account through the admin email address. However, no seat is being taken by the admin email and you are not being charged for it.
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