Billing page in Admin Dashboard

As an admin of a Krisp team account, you will see these pages in the Admin Dashboard:


Before you go on, we suggest you read about the billing logic for the team account.

This page gives an overview of your subscription plan and information about the payment details and history. You can also do seat management from this page. 

Here is what you will see:


1. Seat Management

Here you will see the overall number of seats in your team and how many of them are unassigned. Check the Inviting users to your team article to see how you can invite more users to your team.

You can also perform the following actions from the Seat Management tab:

  • Add seats 
  • Remove seats

Check the Adding/removing seats from your team article for the instructions.


2. Payment Info

Here you will see the details of the payment method attached to your account.


Check the Change the payment method for your Krisp account article if you want to change your payment method. 


3. Plan Details

Here you will see the overview of your subscription plan, its renewal date, and the amount to be paid.

By clicking on View Full Info you’ll be redirected to this page:


It showcases:

  • the price and the details of the plan you are currently subscribed to,
  • the number of seats you currently have within your subscription,
  • option to add more seats by clicking + Add more,
  • next billing cycle date and the amount to be paid.

You can cancel your subscription by clicking on Unsubscribe from plan. Check the Cancel the subscription for your Krisp account article for more information.


4. Payment History

Here you will see the date and the amount of the last invoice. The expanding button next to it will open the full details of that receipt.

You will see the dates of the 3 latest invoices on the right as well.

See the dates and amounts of all your payments by clicking on the See all invoices button.


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