The storage for the recordings

Krisp Recording is discontinued as of February 21, 2022.
If you have registered after that date you will not have the functionality.
If you have previously opted in to use the feature, you will go on having access to Krisp Recording.
However, as the feature is not available starting from Krisp 2.0.0 version, you won't have access to create new recordings if you are on Krisp 2.0.0 and above versions. You will still have access to your previous recordings if you have any.

Who can use this feature?

Plan: Personal, Personal Pro
From version: Mac 1.20.13
Managed from: account dashboard

The Krisp personal account users get the following storage space for recordings:

  • 1 GB for the free plan users
  • 10 GB for the Pro plan users

You will see the used storage in two places:

  • in the Recordings section of your account dashboard

  • In the Krisp app


You will receive an email to your account email address when only 10% of free storage is left.

If you are on the free plan, you can consider upgrading to the Pro plan and getting more storage. Or you can delete the old recordings to free up space.

If you are already on the Pro plan, consider deleting the old recordings to free up space.

Check this article to know what will happen if you are out of storage during an ongoing recording.

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