Insights about your Krisp usage

Who can use this feature?

Users: users on all plans
Platform: Mac, Windows
Managed from: Insights page of the account dashboard

The Insights page gives you an idea about your Meeting Time with Krisp, and your Talk Time during those meetings and visualizes the tendencies for the chosen periods.

If you are a member of multiple teams, you'll have the Insights page for each of them. Each page will show your usage of the app when you were logged in with that specific team account. 

Each team member will see only their personal insights. Team admins won't be able to see their team members' insights.


The Insights page

To have the Krisp usage data reflected in Insights the Krisp Microphone/Speaker should be set up and used in your communication apps.

You will see these 2 sections on the Insights page:

Let’s see what information is shown in each of them.


You will see the following two cards in this section:

  • Meeting Time
  • Talk Time

Meeting Time

The card shows comparative information about the Meeting Time for the last 7 days and the last 7-14 days if Krisp has been used for both periods. The last 7-14 days is the 7-day period coming before the last 7 days.

If the card says that you spent your usual time in meetings it means the difference between the periods is less than 10%.


Today is not included in the last 7 days. Check the Metrics section if you want to check your Meeting Time and Talk Time for today.


The Meeting Time includes only the time you have spent in meetings with Krisp Microphone/Speaker selected in the communication app regardless of the toggle state.

Talk Time

The bar chart shows your Talk Time ratio during the meetings in the last 7 days.
You will also see your Talk Time percentage during the meetings.


You will see your Talk Time insights if you have used Krisp on Mac in the previous periods. The feature is not available for Windows yet.




You will see the following two charts in this section:

You can select pre-set periods for both metrics: This week, Last week, This month, Last month.
For the weekly periods, the week starts on Monday. The default period is this week.

Meeting & Talk Time

The column chart visually shows your Talk Time ratio in the overall Meeting Time.
Each column gives you the exact time for each of the metrics.


Talk Time in meetings

The line chart shows your Talk Time tendency for the selected period. It also indicates your status as an online communicator based on your Talk Time ratio.

You’ll see whether you have been mostly:

  • Listener (0-20%),
  • Balanced (20-65%),
  • Primary Speaker (65-100%).



Control the Insights visibility for the team users

The team admin can decide if the team users will see their personal insights on the Insights page.

The option is enabled by default.

To control the option:

  1. Go to your Admin Dashboard on
  2. Go to the Team Settings page >>> General configuration.
  3. Check/uncheck the Personal insights box.



Check the platform icon(s) next to the control to see users on which platforms will be affected.
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