Configure the device-login team

Who can use this?

Plan: Enterprise (only admins and analysts)
Platform: Windows
Managed from: Admin Dashboard on Mac/Windows

This article explains what is a device-login team and how you can create one. 

What is a device-login team?

This is a Krisp team account setup, where the team-member accounts are not linked to email addresses. Krisp is being set up directly on the devices and anyone working on that device can use Krisp. The devices are combined into one team account. The admin can add new devices to the team or remove the existing ones.

This setup works on Windows devices only.


Note the team admins and analysts don't occupy a seat and only the team users' devices are counted. 


How to create a device-login team?

Contact your Account Executive at Krisp to have a device-based team created. Once done, you can log in with the admin email address and access the Admin Dashboard.

The device-login team can be managed both from Mac and Windows devices.


Set up the device-login team

Follow these steps to set up Krisp on the devices of your team members:

  1. Go to the Devices page of your Admin Dashboard on
  2. Click Set up more from the Available seats tab.

  3. Download the team_secret.key file

  4. Go to the Krisp folder on the host computer with the following path: C:\Program Files\Krisp
  5. Copy the key file and paste it there.


    It's important not to change the key file name!

  6. The user will automatically be logged in to the device-login team when they open the Krisp app.



Users page in device-login team

After adding and setting up devices for your team, you can head to the Users page in your Admin Dashboard:


From the Users page, you can easily access your team's Admins and Analysts details, check their Joined date and remove if neccessary.



Check this article to find more information about the Devices page in Admin Dashboard.

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