Set up and use Krisp Virtual Background

Who can use this feature?

Users: users on all plans
From version: Mac 1.23.6 on Intel; Mac 1.32.16 on M1
  Mac 1.36.4 for Blurred Background/Adjust Light


This feature is not available starting from Krisp 2.0.0 version.

Krisp Virtual Background allows you to display an image as your background during your video calls. It keeps the focus only on you so the other people in the background won't be seen during the call.

Krisp allows you to manage your virtual backgrounds across different apps from one place in a centralized way.

This article will show you how to set up virtual background through Krisp for your video calls.


Choosing a virtual background

You can select any one of the options as a virtual background:

  • default in-app images
  • a Blurred Background (Beta)
  • your own images

You will see the preview in the app to feel confident before starting the call.


Make sure to not use Krisp virtual backgrounds at the same time as virtual backgrounds in the communication apps to prevent interfering with each other.


Your own images as virtual background

Click + ADD IMAGE  to upload a PNGJPG, or a static GIF file from your computer. The uploaded image will automatically be set as your background. Click on any other image or Blur to change it.

Click on the "X" icon on the image and confirm the deletion if you don’t want to have it in the app anymore.


There are no resolution restrictions for the images. However, we recommend using images with 16:9 aspect ratio. The resolution of the images will be downscaled to 1280x720 if the initial resolution is higher.


No virtual background for a call

If you don’t want to have a virtual background for your call you can simply select none before or during the call.



Using Adjust Light

This feature adjusts the amount of light on your video thumbnail, solving poor lighting issues.

Follow these steps to enable and use Adjust Light before or during your calls.

  1. Go to the Video tab of Krisp app.
  2. Select any image or Blur as your background.


    Select Blur or any image as your background to access the Adjust Light. The Adjust Light checkbox and slider will be unavailable if you choose no virtual background.
  3. Check the Adjust light box.

  4. Use the slider to adjust the brightness of your video thumbnail.



Allowing access and selecting the physical device in Krisp app

  1. In the Video section of Krisp, pick the physical camera you wish to use during your calls.

  2. Click Allow access in the video tab to give Krisp access to your camera.

  3. Click OK when the system settings window pops up.


Choosing Krisp Camera in the app/web-app

Follow these steps to set up Krisp Camera in the communication applications:

  1. Restart the application or the browser where a web app will be used. This is needed to make the Krisp Camera appear in the available cameras list.

  2. Go to the video settings of the app/web app and choose Krisp Camera as a camera. See the example with the Zoom app settings:


Now the image you choose in Krisp will be shown as your background during the calls.

If you see a gray screen as your video thumbnail, check this article.

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