FAQ about Krisp Virtual Background

Who can use this?

Users: users all plans
Platform: Mac

Is Krisp Virtual Background free or paid?

Krisp virtual background is free for all Krisp users and has no time limitations.

I don't see Krisp camera in the cameras' list of the communication app. What to do?

If you don't see the Krisp camera in the apps you want to use it with, restart the communication app/browser. This is needed to make the Krisp camera appear in the available cameras' list.

My virtual background is distorted. What to do?

One of the reasons that can lead to the problem, is when you use virtual backgrounds in two apps at the same time (ex: Krisp and Zoom backgrounds). The communication app background will treat the Krisp background as your usual environment and try to remove it, thus leading to a distorted image.

To avoid this problem, make sure to use one virtual background in the communication app when you use the Krisp one.

Why is Talk Time flipped in the communication apps?

When using Krisp Camera in the communication apps, you can see your Talk Time information on your video thumbnail. The other call participants will see it there as well. Check this article for more information about Talk Time.

Sometimes you can see that the Talk Time shows up flipped on the video thumbnail in the communication apps. The reason behind this is that most communication apps flip the video horizontally when showing us the preview. This mirroring is done to give some comfort to our eyes as if we are looking at ourselves in the mirror. However, it's the unflipped version that's broadcast to the call participants.

Let's look at the Zoom example. Open the Video settings and look at the preview. If you raise your right hand, the right one will be raised in the video and vice versa. To make this easier, take a book in your hands. The book title and your Talk Time as well will be flipped on the video thumbnail.


However, if you start the call and ask someone to take a screenshot of how they see you, both the book and the Talk Time will be correctly displayed.


If you take the same book and look at the preview in Krisp, the book title will be readable, as it should be if someone looks at you in real life.

In the same way, the Talk Time in the top right corner will be in a readable orientation.



You can turn off the mirroring from the communication app settings to see yourself in the way the others are going to see.

I don't want the Video feature. What to do?

To have the app installed without the Video feature, follow the installation instructions described here.


My computer works slower when using Krisp virtual background. What to do?

The virtual background feature is now in Beta. It can sometimes cause high CPU usage. That's because Krisp performs high video processing on your device. Currently, there is no way to lower the CPU usage when using the Krisp virtual background feature. We will however gradually improve it to apply less load on your computer.


People that are next to me show up through the virtual background. What to do?

The logic of the virtual background is to show one person - the main speaker. In some cases, though, other people that are close to the speaker may be shown through the background. There is no other solution than to stay alone in the focus of your camera.

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