Product feature matrix

Krisp Business Plan is discontinued as of March 28, 2023.
If you have subscribed to this plan before that date, you will continue to have all the features and controls available for Business plan.
Feature Free Pro Business Enterprise
Recording feature      
Sharing your Meeting Notes    
Custom Vocabulary    
Account deletion from web dashboard    
Analytics dashboard     Admins: ✓ Users: X
AI Meeting Assistant    
Team-wide control of audio devices for BVC     Admins: ✓ Users: X
Admin control for Speaker Noise Cancellation delay at the call start     Admins: ✓ Users: X
Domain verification     Admins: ✓ Users: X
Background Voice Cancellation Admins: ✓ Users: ✓
Set Krisp Speaker as system default device       Admins: ✓  Users: X
Call Summary/Latest Call Summary     Admins: ✓ Users: ✓
Talk Time Admins: ✓ Users: ✓
Setting Krisp Microphone as a system default device Admins: ✓ Users: ✓
Ringtone detection through Krisp Speaker Admins: ✓ Users: ✓
Krisp Widget Admins: ✓ Users: ✓
Centralized muting for Krisp Microphone Admins: ✓ Users: ✓
Admin control for the visibility of reporting a problem     Admins: ✓ Users: x
Room Echo Cancellation Admins: ✓ Users: ✓
Acoustic Echo Cancellation Admins: ✓ Users: ✓
Krisp Microphone enforcement as a system default device       Admins: ✓ Users: x
Device-login support     Admins: ✓ Users: ✓

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