Install Krisp without Virtual Background feature on Mac

Who can use this feature?

Users: users on all plans
From version: Mac 1.28.7

If for some reason you don't want to have Krisp Virtual Background feature in the app, you can choose to install Krisp without it. This article explains how you can set up Krisp without the Video feature on your Mac device.


Installing without the Video feature

Check the installation process here.

  1. In the Installation type step, click on the Customize button.
  2. Uncheck the Video box and click Install.


    Krisp will be installed without the Video feature.


Bringing back the Krisp Video feature

If you want to use the Krisp Video feature again:

  1. Download the Krisp installer from here.
  2. Pass through the installation steps without changing any settings.



There is no need to uninstall Krisp preliminarily.

Now you will have the Krisp Virtual Background feature back in your app.

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