Voice Cancellation

Who can use this feature?

Users: users on all plans
From version: Windows 1.30.7

During online meetings, the Voice Cancellation removes both the background noise and the other human voices that are significantly different from yours.


What is needed to use the feature

  1. Have the Voice Cancellation set up and active.
  2. Use Krisp microphone in the communication application.
  3. Turn on the Remove Noise toggle for the microphone in the Krisp app.


Set up Voice Cancellation

To set up the feature, you need to give Krisp a sample of your voice. Krisp will analyze it to start removing human voices present in your environment that are significantly different from yours.


The analysis of your voice happens directly on your computer. The sample you record never leaves your device and is not stored on the cloud. To maximize the accuracy of the process, make sure to be in a quiet place, be the only speaker, and use a microphone of at least 16KHz sampling rate.

To set up the Voice Cancellation:

  1. Click on the Voice Cancellation icon in the Krisp app. Or go to Preferences >>> Audio >>> Setup Voice Cancellation
  2. Click Start setup
  3. Choose the microphone you'd like to use when recording the sample for the voice analysis.
  4. Click Continue
  5. Click Start Recording. Talk into your microphone with your usual way of speaking. Make sure to be the only speaker to get accurate results.
  6. Wait for Krisp to analyze your voice and complete the setup.
  7. Voice Cancellation is ready to use. Click Done.


Now the Voice Cancellation will automatically be applied to your calls.


Test the Voice Cancellation before the call

To have the confidence that other people's voices are filtered out properly, you can test it before the actual call starts. Do either of the two:

  1. Open the Krisp widget before the call. Have another person whose voice is significantly different than yours talk with you. See the soundbar not moving when the other person talks.
  2. Do a noise cancellation test. Have a person with different voice characteristics talk along with you. See that their voice is not kept after the noise cancellation.


Turning off the Voice Cancellation

If for some reason you need other people to be heard in your meeting, you can temporarily turn off the Voice Cancellation. For that:

  1. Click on the Voice Cancellation icon in the Krisp app. Or go to Preferences >>> Audio
  2. Uncheck the Voice Cancellation box.

The noise will still be canceled in your meetings, and the human voice will be kept by Krisp.



You cannot change the Noise Cancellation mode when the Voice Cancellation is on. Check this article for more info.


Reset the Voice Cancellation

If your voice characteristics change over time, you can set up the Voice Cancellation again.

  1. Click on the Voice Cancellation icon in the Krisp app. Or go to Preferences >>> Audio
  2. Click Reset Voice Cancellation
  3. Click Reset in the pop-up window to confirm your decision
  4. Your voice characteristics will be removed from the app. Click Start setup to set up Voice Cancellation once again.


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