FAQ about Voice Cancellation

Who can use this?

Users: users on all plans
From version: Windows 1.30.7 to Windows 1.39.5


The Voice Cancellation setup fails. What should I do?

The Voice Cancellation setup can fail in several cases:

  • There was too much noise in your environment while recording your sample.
  • There was more than one voice present in the recording.
  • The microphone you used to record the sample had a lower than 16Khz sampling rate.

If you receive a failure message, please restart the setup in a quiet place, being the only speaker and with at least a 16Khz sampling rate microphone.

If you think that the failure is incorrect, please send a problem report directly from the failure window. Our support team will get back to you to investigate the case.



Does Krisp uniquely identify my voice and remove any other voice?

Krisp doesn't identify your unique voice. Krisp analyzes and extracts the specific characteristics of the voice to remove categorically different voices from your calls.


What voice is considered significantly different from mine?

The voices are categorized based on specific characteristics. The analysis is a complex neural process that takes various components of your voice as a base for categorization. When thinking about this, take the voice pitch as one of those components.


What if my voice changes over time? Will the Voice Cancellation still work?

If your voice changes over time, the initial setup of Voice Cancellation will no longer work with the same accuracy and efficiency. To have the best result, it's recommended to set up the Voice Cancellation again as shown here.


I don't want Krisp to have my voice characteristics. How can I remove them?

Krisp keeps your voice characteristics locally on your device. It is never sent to the cloud or otherwise shared with anyone else. If you however want to remove your voice characteristics, follow the steps mentioned here. Note that you won't be able to use Voice Cancellation in your calls unless you set it up again.


Why is there no Voice Cancellation icon present in my app?

It is possible that you are logged in to your team account and the team admin has disabled the Voice Cancellation for the account. Contact your admin for assistance.


A different person uses their Krisp account on my device. Can they set up Voice Cancellation for their account as well?

Yes. Different Krisp users on the same device can set up Voice Cancellation separately for each account. One will not affect the other.


I use the same Krisp account on multiple devices. Should I set up Voice Cancellation on each device?

Yes. The voice characteristics are being kept on the local device. They cannot be applied to your account if you log in to it on a different device.

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