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Who can use this?

Users: users on all plans
Platform: Mac, Windows

This article will show you how to install Krisp on your Mac/Windows machine.

Before starting the installation process:

  • Check the Krisp System requirements to make sure your device meets those.
  • Make sure you have Mac Admin or Standard user's rights/Windows Admin rights.

To install Krisp on your machine, you need to have a Krisp account.

  • If you don't have a Krisp account yet, sign up as shown in this article.
  • If you have a Krisp account, sign in as shown in this article.


Installation process

Mac Windows
    1. After the signup, you will be redirected to the Install page. Click Install on Mac.
      If you already had an account, go to the Download page of your existing account and click Download for Mac.
    2. The installer will be downloaded to your machine. Click to open it.

    3. The installer will open the Introduction step. Click Continue.

    4. You will be led to the Destination Select step. Click Continue.


      The destination is defined automatically and can't be changed in the process.
    5. You will be led to the Installation type step. Click Install.

    6. Enter the administrator password and click Install Software.


Krisp is now installed on your device. Check this article to know how you can sign in to the app.

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