Muting your microphone device when using Krisp

Who can use this feature?

Users: users on all plans
From version: Mac 1.20.13, Windows 1.22.12

This article explains how you can mute and unmute the physical microphone used in Krisp directly from the Krisp interface.


Muting and unmuting

Mac Windows

If you want to mute yourself during a call, click on the microphone button in the Krisp app.

You will be muted in all the communication apps where Krisp Microphone is used at that moment. The other call participants will stop hearing you.

Clicking on the microphone button once again will unmute you.



You might not see the mute state change in the communication app interface. Make sure to pay attention to the mute state you see in Krisp.

You can also mute and unmute yourself from the Krisp widget. Read more about the widget here.



The other call participants don't hear me. What to do?

Mac Windows

There are 3 basic check-ups you should do to see if you are muted in any way:

  1. Check if your microphone is muted in the communication app 
    See the Zoom example:

  2. Check if the microphone is muted in the Krisp interface.

  3. In case your microphone has a physical mute button, check if the mic is muted with it.
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