Using Krisp Widget

Who can use this feature?

Users: users on all plans
From version: Mac 1.19.12, Windows 1.25.3

If you wonder whether there is any noise in your environment and if Krisp detects and cancels it, the widget will give you insights. It can also show:

  • Which part of the current meeting you have been talking.
  • If Krisp is detecting background noises/voices during your calls.


Showing the Widget

Mac Windows

The Widget can open up in two ways:

  • Manually >>> with the Show widget button in the Krisp app.


  • Automatically >>> when a call starts. For that,

    1. Go to the Preferences.
    2. Have the Show widget when call starts box checked.



Using the Widget before the call

You can use the Widget before the call for these purposes:

  • see if your voice is being captured by Krisp Microphone,
  • see if there is any noise in your environment.
  • see if other people's voices are being canceled by Krisp.

Open the Widget. You can see the "Not used" indication showing that Krisp Microphone is not being used at that moment. The moving soundbar indicates that your voice is being captured.

When the Remove Noise toggle is disabled, and the bar goes red, it means there is noise present. Toggle on to see that the bar goes green. This means the captured noise will be canceled during the call.

mac_widget_2.png          mac_widget_1.png

If you are using a headset and have Background Voice Cancellation enabled, the soundbar will not move when a person near you is talking with you. That will indicate that their voice will not be heard during the call either.


Using the Widget during the call

Mac Windows

Once the Krisp Microphone is used in a communication app, it will be considered as the start of the call. The Widget will show the following real-time information:

  1. Meeting Duration
  2. Talk Time
  3. Talk Ratio
  4. Which app/apps use the Krisp Microphone at the moment
  5. Mute/Unmute Krisp Microphone



    If you mute your microphone from the Krisp Widget, the muted state might be not visible in some communication apps.
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