Set up Google Meet with Krisp

This article explains how you can make noiseless calls using Krisp with Google Meet. All you need is a 2-sided configuration.

Mac Windows
  1. Select Krisp Microphone and/or Speaker to work in Google Meet. For that, go to Google Meet >>> Settings >>> Audio and change the Speaker and/or Microphone to Krisp.

    Some browsers, like Safari, won't let you change the speaker working with it. Others, like Google Chrome, will allow the change.



    You shouldn't worry about the warning you get. The reason you receive it is because the Krisp mic and speaker are virtual devices. Your experience won't be affected by it.
  2. Open Krisp and pick the physical microphone and speaker you wish to use and turn on Cancel Noise toggles.

  3. Start your noiseless call.


    The "Not used" indicator will be switched to "Used by Google Chrome" (or any other browser you use, as Google Meet is browser-based) when there is an ongoing call.
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