Set up apps with no audio settings with Krisp

Which apps can work with Krisp

For an app/web-app to work with Krisp, the app should:

  • be able to work with virtual devices in general,
  • have dedicated audio settings where Krisp Microphone and Speaker would be selected.

However, there are applications that do not have dedicated audio settings and thus Krisp cannot be selected there directly.


Krisp Microphone as the system default microphone

Mac Windows

Mac allows you to select Krisp Microphone as your system default device. In that case, all the apps that can work with virtual devices and don't have dedicated audio settings will use the Krisp Microphone.

For that, go to the System Preferences >>> Sound >>> Input and select the Krisp Microphone.



It's not possible to set Krisp Speaker as the system default device. The reason behind that is that Krisp keeps human voice and filters anything else. This way, your system sounds would have been considered as noise and canceled by Krisp.
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