Set up apps with no audio settings with Krisp

This article explains which apps can be set up and work with Krisp generally. Also, you will learn how you can make Krisp work with apps that have no audio settings.

Which apps can work with Krisp

For an app/web-app to work with Krisp, the app should:

  • be able to work with virtual devices in general,
  • have dedicated audio settings where Krisp Microphone and Speaker would be selected.

However, there are applications that do not have dedicated audio settings and thus Krisp cannot be selected there directly.

There are 2 options to make Krisp Microphone/Krisp Speaker work with those apps:

Workaround of using Krisp with apps that have no audio settings on Windows

Windows gives you a workaround with selecting the microphone and speaker that work with an application. That can be done from the Advanced sound options.

  1. Open the app that you wish to use with Krisp.
  2. From the Windows Start menu go to Sound settings >>> scroll down >>> Advanced sound options.

  3. Pick the Krisp Microphone and Krisp Speaker for the app.



Avoid setting the microphone and speaker from the Advanced sound options for apps that have dedicated audio settings to lower the chances of having wrong setups and any problems arising from that.


It's vital not to choose Krisp Microphone and Speaker for the Krisp app itself. This goes against the Krisp logic, as there should be physical devices working in Krisp.

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