Noise Cancellation toggles' states in Krisp app


This article explains the different noise cancellation toggle states in Krisp app versions below 2.0.0.

When are the toggles grey?

On Mac, the noise cancellation toggles will appear grey in the Krisp app if there is no active audio stream, even when the toggles are enabled. This indicates that Noise Cancellation feature will activate as soon as Krisp Microphone/Speaker is used in an active audio stream.


On Windows, the noise cancellation toggles turn green when enabled, even if there is no current audio stream and Krisp is not used. 

When the toggles remain grey and inactive?

If the toggles are grey and can't be turned on, there might be a few reasons:

  • Your free noise cancellation minutes are expired for the day. You can see your available noise cancellation minutes and the renewal date at the bottom of the app.

    minutes expire mac.png

  • Your team admin has set the speaker's noise cancellation toggle to always be off (applicable for Windows only):

    always off.png

When the toggles change color?

When Krisp devices are being used and there is an active audio stream, the toggles will turn green.
The app will also indicate where the Krisp Microphone or Speaker is being used.

used by zoom.png

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