Why Cancel Noise toggles are inactive in Krisp?

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Platform: Mac, Windows

When do the Cancel Noise toggles change the color?

Mac Windows
To have Noise Cancellation with Krisp, you need to turn on the Cancel Noise toggle for Krisp Microphone and/or Krisp Speaker.


You will notice that the toggles do not change their color. This can be confusing and let you think that the app works incorrectly. However, everything is correct.

  1. When Krisp devices are in "not used" state, the Cancel Noise toggles will not change their color even when turned on.
  2. The toggles for Krisp Microphone and Krisp Speaker will be activated when there is an active audio stream.

    inactive_mic_MAC.png inactive_speaker_MAC.png
  3. When Krisp devices are being used and there is an active audio stream, the toggles will turn green.
    The app will also indicate where the Krisp Microphone or Speaker is being used.



Cancel Noise toggles can't be turned on

Mac Windows

If the toggles are grey and can't be turned on, that means your free noise cancellation minutes are expired for the day. You can see your available noise cancellation minutes and the renewal date at the bottom of the app.


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