Echo Cancellation

Who can use this feature?

Users: users on all plans
From version: Mac 1.16.6; Win 1.18.4 for Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  Mac 1.16.6; Win 1.18.4 for Room Echo Cancellation

You can face acoustic and room echoes during your calls. Krisp handles them both. Check the Krisp and echo cancellation to find more information about echo types.


Acoustic Echo Cancellation

The problem can be experienced in these cases:

  • When you are using the built-in speaker of your computer or an external loudspeaker.
  • When the computer is under heavy load and the performance is not enough to process audio quickly enough, which results in additional latency.

Some applications have their own echo cancellation algorithms, but sometimes they do not handle the problem well enough when Krisp is present to cancel the noise.

Krisp does Acoustic Echo Cancellation by default to solve those issues. It's a built-in feature and cannot be turned off. To make it work, have both the Krisp Microphone and Krisp Speaker selected in your conferencing app.


Room Echo Cancellation

To solve the room echo issue Krisp does Room Echo Cancellation by default. It's a built-in feature and cannot be turned off. To make it work, have the Krisp Microphone selected in your conferencing app and the Cancel Noise toggle enabled from the Krisp app.

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