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Echoes can be disruptors during virtual calls, affecting clarity and understanding. Krisp is meticulously designed to combat these echo varieties.
This article explains when and how users might encounter these echoes and the robust solutions provided by Krisp.


Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Acoustic Echo can be experienced when:

  • Using the computer’s built-in or an external loudspeaker.
  • The computer is under heavy load, inducing latency in audio processing.

It's the echo that occurs when the sound coming out of your speakers is picked up by your microphone.

Some applications have their echo cancellation algorithms, but sometimes they do not handle the problem well enough when Krisp is present to cancel the noise.

Krisp activates Acoustic Echo Cancellation by default, providing an uninterrupted experience by mitigating these issues. To make it work, have both the Krisp Microphone and Krisp Speaker selected in your conferencing app.


If you frequently use external speakers for your calls, Krisp's Acoustic Echo Cancellation can be a game-changer for you.


Room Echo Cancellation

Room echo is the reverberation or reflection of sound within a room, causing an 'empty room' sound effect. It is another common issue addressed by Krisp, often encountered when:

  • Large, unfurnished rooms: Spaces with few furniture items allow sound waves to bounce off walls, ceilings, and floors, creating echoes.
  • High ceilings: Rooms with high ceilings can cause sound waves to travel farther and create more pronounced echoes.
  • Hard surfaces: Surfaces like glass, concrete, and wood reflect sound waves, contributing to echoes.
  • Open windows or doors: These can let in external noises that mingle with internal sounds, creating complex echoes.

Krisp activates Room Echo Cancellation by default to counteract room echo issues effectively. It's a built-in feature and cannot be turned off. To make it work, have the Krisp Microphone selected in your conferencing app and the Cancel Noise toggle enabled from the Krisp app.

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