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This article explains how you can send a report if there is an issue with Noise Cancellation.

If the noise you hear is not being fully or partially canceled by Krisp, we will need a report from you to investigate the case.


Send a "Test Noise Cancellation" report

Versions below 2.0.0 Versions 2.0.0 and above
Mac Windows
  1. Open the Krisp app and click Test Noise Cancellation.

  2. Start your recording.



    For the optimal result, record at least 12-15 seconds. Make sure there is human speech in it.
  3. Enable the Krisp toggle and click on the "Report a Problem" button.

  4. Make sure to describe the problem you are facing in the Description field.
    Mark the checkboxes to have the system information and sample recordings included in your report. Click the Send button.



    To have all background voices canceled, make sure the Background Voice Cancellation feature is active. Learn more about that feature in this article.


Send the report manually

Mac Windows
If for some reason you wish to send the report to us through a different means, you can surely get the logs and transfer those to us manually:

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