Krisp notifications

Who can use this feature?

Users: users on all plans
Admin control for the feature: Enterprise plan

Throughout the Krisp usage, you will get different notifications aiming at improving your experience. Some notifications indicate a state. Others hint at an action to fully benefit from Krisp.


  1. Krisp is ON notification. It indicates that you have the Cancel Noise toggle ON for the Krisp Microphone at the start of the call.


  2. Avoid echo in your call notification. It hints you to select the Krisp Speaker in your communication application as well to avoid echo in the call.



Control some of the notifications


Only some of the notifications are optional and can be controlled.

Those notifications can be controlled in 2 ways:

  • Click Do not show again on the notification itself to stop receiving it. It can then be re-enabled from Krisp Preferences >>> Notifications.
  • Go to Krisp Preferences >>> Notifications to enable/disable specific notifications.


Control Krisp notifications for team users

As a team admin, you can decide whether your team members can control the notifications for themselves or not.


  • If the checkbox for the notification is checked, the user will see the Call Summary and will be able to turn it off from the app Preferences.
  • If the checkbox is unchecked, the notification will not be shown to the team members. The control will not be present in the app Preferences.


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