Which apps work with Krisp?

This article explains which apps/web apps work with Krisp. 

To ensure compatibility with Krisp, an app or web app should meet the following criteria:

  • Virtual Device Compatibility: Krisp functions as a virtual device to manage and purify audio, requiring apps to be compatible with virtual devices to employ Krisp’s noise-canceling features effectively.

  • Dedicated Audio Settings: The app should provide dedicated audio settings where users can select Krisp Microphone and Speaker as the preferred audio input and output devices.


To learn more about how you can set up Krisp with any communication app that has dedicated audio settings check these articles.

Setting up Krisp with apps/web apps without dedicated audio settings

In cases where an application does not have dedicated audio settings, you can still configure Krisp to work with them. Check this article to see how you can set up apps with no audio settings with Krisp.

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