Update the Krisp app

Who can use this feature?

Users: users on all plans
Platform: Mac, Windows
Admin control for the feature: Enterprise plan

We recommend using the most recent version of Krisp for the best experience. Keeping your Krisp app up-to-date is crucial for optimal performance, bug fixes, and security improvements.

This article shows how to check your Krisp app version and update it to the latest version.


Check Krisp minimum system requirements to learn the details about our supported OS and CPU requirements.


Check your app version

To see which Krisp version you are using, follow these steps:

  1. Click the three-dot menu/profile icon from the right side of the Krisp app.
  2. Click About Krisp.
  3. On the opened window you’ll see your Krisp app version.



Update your Krisp app

Versions below 2.0.0 Versions 2.0.0 and above

Here is how you can update your Krisp app to the latest version:

  1. Click the three-dot menu from the right side of the Krisp app.
  2. Click Check for Update.
  3. On the opened window click Update if there is a new version available. Otherwise, you’ll see that your Krisp app is up-to-date.



When an update is available, you will see a red dot icon on the bottom of the app saying Update is available. You can click Update and update your app from there.


Allow Krisp updates for your team


This feature is not available starting from Krisp 2.0.0 version.

The team admin can control how users receive and interact with updates in the app.

To control the option:

  1. Go to your Admin Dashboard on account.krisp.ai.

  2. Go to the Settings page >>> Setup >>> Version Updates.

  3. Choose one of the options for Allow Krisp updates feature.


If you uncheck the Allow Krisp updates box, the "Check for Update " option will be hidden from the menu of the Krisp app for all the team members. Any new updates won’t show up for them and they won’t be able to go to newer versions of the app themselves. Also, the users won't receive notifications about new updates.


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