What types of noises Krisp cancels?

Krisp Microphone removes both background voices and noises. Check Background Voice Cancellation article for more information. 

Krisp Speaker keeps the human voice and removes all the other noises such as:

  • animal and nature sounds,
  • street, traffic, and construction noise,
  • keyboard and mouse clicks,
  • etc.

However, Krisp Speaker detects and keeps the in-app sounds in the most popular applications and the telephony signals and voicemail beeps intact. Here are the most common telephony sounds that Krisp speaker doesn't cancel:

  • Zoom - all the in-app sounds
  • MS Teams - all the in-app sounds
  • Google Meet - all the in-app sounds
  • Cisco Webex - all the in-app sounds
  • Skype - only default sounds
  • Slack - only default sounds
  • Avaya - telephony sounds

Dial tones, busy tones, and voicemail beeps are standardized for most of the commonly used applications. These sounds are also left intact by the Krisp Speaker.

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