Accept the invitation to join your Krisp team

Who can use this?

Users: Email-login users

How to accept the team invitation?

If you have received an invitation email to join your team at Krisp, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Join them now” from the email that the team admin sent.
  2. Click on “Join now” after re-direction to the Invite page.



As soon as you join the team, you will be redirected to your Krisp account dashboard where you can download Krisp to your device if it meets Krisp's system requirements.

Later you can set up Krisp with your communication apps by following these articles.

I didn't get the invitation link or it's invalid. Why?

There are multiple reasons why you can't find your invitation link or it might be invalid. The most common cases are described below.

The invitation link is expired.

The invitation link has an expiration date of 7 days. After that period, you can't use the link.
If the link is already expired, ask your team admin to resend the invite.

The invitation email is in your junk/spam folders

Sometimes the invitation email might go to your junk/spam folders. If you can’t find your Krisp team invite, check the folders in your mail. 

You have used the invitation link more than once

The invitation link is a one-time link. If you have used it with the wrong email address, the link will expire and you can't accept the invite. Ask your team admin to resend the invite.

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