Is Krisp removing the noise during my meetings?

Who can use this?

Users: users on all plans
Platform: Windows, Mac

To ensure that Krisp is removing noise during meetings, pay attention to these indicators:

  • Krisp has changed its icon and has a green checkmark on it. Check the icon states here.
  • You see that the Krisp mic and speaker are being used by the communication app.
  • The communication app where Krisp is working is indicated in the Krisp app.
  • The remove noise toggles are turned on.
  • The green soundbar for the Krisp Microphone is moving as you speak.

The noise is canceled from your stream only if you have Noise Cancellation minutes available. If you're on the Free plan, you'll see the remaining minutes in the app. If you're on a Paid plan, you'll have unlimited Noise Cancellation minutes.


These indicators on the widget will show that the noise is being canceled during the stream:

  • The communication app where Krisp is working is indicated in the Widget.
  • The Remove Noise toggle for the microphone is turned on.
  • The Krisp Microphone soundbar is moving as you speak and is green.



These indicators show up only when there is an active stream. Make a test call with someone or go to the audio settings of the communication app to check the indicators out.
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