Set up Krisp SSO with Azure

Who can use this?

Plan: Enterprise (only admins)
Platform: Web
Managed from: Admin Dashboard
Other: IdP account admin privileges 

This article describes how to set up Krisp SSO login with your Identity Provider (IdP). Single sign-on allows you to log in using your company credentials. Krisp's single sign-on (SSO) is based on SAML 2.0.

Check this article to learn more about how you can get started with Krisp SSO.


Krisp SSO Settings

First, go to your Admin Dashboard >>> Settings >>> Security >>> Authentication. Check the Enable SSO box and click on SAML to open Configure SAML panel. You'll need this info for further steps. Let's call this Krisp Settings.



Configuring Azure with a custom app

To configure the integration of Krisp into Azure Active Directory, you need to add Krisp to your list of managed SaaS apps. For that, follow these steps:

Creating the custom app

  1. Log in to Azure dashboard Portal with your admin account at
  2. Go to Azure services >>> Azure Active Directory.

  3. Click + Add >>> Enterprise application.

  4. To add Krisp as an application, click Create your own application.

  5. Give it a name (ex: Krisp_app) and click Create.


Assigning users

  1. Go to Getting Started >>> Assign users and groups

  2. Click None Selected.

  3. Choose the existing users you’d like to assign to the application and click Select.

  4. Click Assign to assign the selected users to the application.


Setting up SSO

  1. Go to Set up single sign on.

  2. Select SAML as the Single sign-on method.

  3. Edit the Basic SAML Configuration box.

  4. Start filling in the information:
    - Identifier (Entity ID): Click Add identifier and copy the "Your team slug" value from Krisp settings to the field.
    - Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL): Click Add reply URL and copy the "Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL)" value from Krisp settings to the field.
    - Sign on URL (Optional): Copy the "Single Sign On URL" value from Krisp settings to this field.


    these settings.

  5. Edit the User Attributes & Claims box. Do not modify the already existing attributes and claims.

  6. Click + Add new claim.

  7. Set the following values for the fields:
    - Name: Email
    - Source: attribute
    - Source attribute: user.mail

    the changes.
  8. Download the Certificate (Base64) from the SAML Signing Certificate box.

  9. Open the Krisp Settings
    - Copy Your team slug value from Krisp Settings to the Audience URI and Identity Provider Issuer fields of Krisp Settings.
    - Open the downloaded certificate with the text editor and copy it to the X-509 certificate of your Krisp Settings.
    - Copy the Login URL value from the Set up Krisp_app box of your Azure AD settings to the Identity Provider Single Sign On URL field of Krisp Settings.

  10. Click Configure in the Krisp settings.


Now the assigned users will be able to log into the Krisp team account through SSO.

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