Audio device management with Krisp

This article explains how Krisp simplifies audio device management through its auto-selection feature, prioritization of new devices, and dynamic microphone and speaker selection during device changes.

If you frequently switch workplaces and utilize different microphones or dock stations, Krisp now has the capability to remember your previous setup. This means that Krisp will automatically switch to the correct device every time you transition from one device to another.


The auto-selection feature doesn't apply if you have already set a default microphone device for Krisp through your system settings.


Automatic selection of newly added audio device

Every time you plug in a new device for the first time, Krisp will choose it automatically so that you will have your next call with it without you needing to update your selection in Krisp.


Automatic selection of the most recently selected device

To provide the best audio experience, Krisp dynamically selects the microphone and speaker with the highest priority when changes are made to the device list. This ensures that you always utilize the most suitable audio input and output options.

If your previous device is no longer available, Krisp will automatically choose the next available device that had most recently selected in Krisp. Thus every time you manually select a device or add a new device for the first time, it will get higher priority.

Also, if you manually select an audio device within the Krisp app, it automatically moves to the top of the priority list. This allows Krisp to prioritize your selected device according to your preference.

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